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Custom Websites crafted by Calgary Web Designers

  • Fully-Custom Designs created by local designers
  • Mobile-Friendly, effective designs
  • Designs streamlined to improve user conversion
  • No templates, no overseas outsourcing
  • No templates, no overseas outsourcing

We are talented, Calgary Website Designers

( Or at we at least, we'd like to think we are... We'll let you decide )

Our Design Philosophy

We design beautifully simple, clean and efficient websites, with clear and precise, and visitor-friendly navigation. We are firm believers in face-to-face communication to ensure that we fully understand your products, services, dreams, and visions in order to help you to achieve the greatest level of success.

Your Brand Comes First

We are fully committed to creating a website that represents your company’s core values, enabling you to reach and retain your target audience and turn your visitors into customers. When it comes to website design, we always work in full partnership with all our clients, involving and consulting with them at every step of the website design process.

Your Input Matters

Our websites are custom designed for every client and we never use templates. Your website will be created to your specific requirements and will be as unique as your business.

Mobile Friendly Websites

All websites are also fully responsive (or mobile-friendly), allowing your pages to adjust to the size of the viewing device. This means that your website will always be mobile-friendly and able to be viewed on laptops, tablets, and phones. More than half of all online traffic is generated from mobile devices and our fully responsive designs mean that you will always be connected to your audience.

Our Web Design & Development Process

( Built in Calgary )

Research & Planning

Out the outset, we focus on understanding both your current business needs and your future goals. Our initial in-depth consultations help to ensure that your core values, branding, and identity are fully incorporated into every component of your new website.

Web Design & Revisions

All our designs are customized to your company’s requirements. At each stage we will present the design concepts for your review. Once you are fully satisfied with the look and feel of the site’s design, we progress to the development phase.

Development / Coding

This stage can take the longest and varies depending on the scope of the project. However, the development and programming stage provides you with ample opportunity to refine your site’s content such as the text and images while we take care of all the technical details.

Content and CMS Training

If you have a static website, we insert and format the content for you. If your site is equipped with a content management system (CMS), we provide training that enables you to edit the content of your website without our assistance.

Quality Assurance

Once everything is completed, we make sure that your new website is visible on all platforms and web browsers. We then conduct a cross-browser compatibility check and ensure the site’s code is valid and follows current web standards. We also test all your website’s forms and interactive features to confirm that your site is user-friendly and that visitors will have a positive experience.

Final Review

Following all our checks and test, we carry out a final in-depth review to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your new website.


The website’s launch should take place so that your new online presence is revealed at the perfect time. We will also work closely with you to coordinate all your publicity and announcements regarding the launch of the new site.

SEO & Marketing Campaign

Once your website is now live it needs to properly indexed on popular search engines. We offer a number of different search engine optimization (SEO) packages to make sure that your new website gets noticed and ranks highly in search engine results.