Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Advertising / Marketing Services

Generating and increasing online traffic to your website is heavily dependent on search engine results.

If your website is not generating enough traffic, here are a few questions you may be asking yourself:

Does my website show up on search engines?

How can I get my website to rank higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing?

What keywords are my potential customers searching for?

Onsite Optimization

The first thing we need to do is run a quick diagnosis to make sure that your website complies with programming standards. Popular search engines can easily get confused by improper code structure so we will make sure your site is built on valid HTML and CSS.

Once this process is completed, we will look at keyword placement. Search engines rely heavily on keywords placed in title tags, heading tags, meta data and internal links to help them understand what your website is about, i.e.: what products are you offering, etc...

Search Engine Submission

Once your site has been optimized, it is time to make sure they are indexed by search engines. We will submit your sites to all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing and

Submitting your site to search engines also includes submitting a valid sitemap (to help search engines better understand the structure of your site) and a robots.txt. (this file is most commonly used to indicate restrictions or deny access from search engines to certain sections of your site).

Social Media Marketing

It is no secret that Social Media now plays a big role in improving your online exposure. With a growing number of popular social media platforms, it can sometimes be time consuming and overwhelming to keep your audience engaged. Our Calgary Social Media Specialists can easily manage your different social media feeds and keep your audience up to date on your latest activity.

Calgary Web Design

Link Building

In order for your sites to benefit from high search engine rankings is to improve their trust in your website. A good way to build trust is by having other websites linking to yours, indicating that you are a reliable authority in your specific domain.

Online Advertising Campaign

Paid Advertising or "Pay-per-click" is a very reliable way to increase search traffic to your website.

Rhodium Interactive can help you set up and manage your online advertising campaign.